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22 & 23 October 2022

Debate - Up or Out?

Panel Discussion

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In a battle of wit, some of the region’s finest minds will test the idea – ‘Increasing density in existing urban areas is the future for the Sunshine Coast’ – in a provocative and entertaining debate. The affirmative team will argue to ‘rise up’ and the negative team will argue to ‘spread out’.

The Sunshine Coast is an attractive and comfortable place to settle. Long, balmy summers and warm, clear winters set the scene for a healthy, relaxed lifestyle, with a strong focus on enjoying the outdoors all year round.

With a diverse community of more than 320,000 residents across many coastal, hinterland and rural communities, the Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The population is expected to increase to 500,000 by 2041 – roughly 8000 new residents each year. So how do we sustainably shape our future to accommodate our existing and new community? Importantly, what does the future look and feel like? What’s right for here? How high, how wide, how far and where?

While architecture is not a driver of growth, architecture has a huge part to play in helping us grow well. There are many examples of buildings that, although tall, still ‘breathe’, still allow for indoor-outdoor living, still provide a connection to the environment and to community; and there are also many ‘not so good’ examples. Likewise, there are good examples of sustainable lowdensity suburbs and equally ‘not so good’ examples.

Under the unsparing eye of MC Cathryn Chatburn, award-winning urban designer, the arguments for going up or out will be laid bare.

The winning team will be declared by Malcolm Middleton, Immediate Past Queensland Government Architect and Chair of Brisbane Open House.

Debaters include:

  • Bronwyn Adams, Project Manager (City Activation), Maroochydore City Centre Project, SunCentral P/L
  • James Birrell, Landscape Architect, Director at Place Design Group
  • Kerry Clare, Architect, Director of Clare Design
  • Dr Laurel Johnson, City and Social Planner
  • Phil Smith, Architect and Urban Designer, Director Gomango Architects
  • Dr Nicholas Stevens, Researcher & Senior Lecturer, Planning & Urban Design, USC

Proudly supported by USC.

Debate - Up or Out?

Address: USC Innovation Centre 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs


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