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22 & 23 October 2022

Nambour Heritage Soundtrail

Walking Tour

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From the Nambour Library, you will begin your tour of the streets of Nambour that will take in some of the most fascinating buildings in the district. As you stroll, you will hear stories from renowned locals including First Nations Peoples and historians. Hear about the amazing changes to C-Square, the colourful life of the Vogue Cinema and fun times at Collin’s Café. Simply download the app and begin. Remember to bring your headphones, hat and sunscreen and to watch for traffic.

The trail is experienced as a walking tour of Nambour, however, the trail can also be accessed from your desktop computer. The project is jointly funded by the Heritage Levy and Nambour Activation Plan. This was the first 'Soundtrails' experience in Queensland. 

Simply download the app (via the App Store or Google Play) onto your smart phone or iPad, see yourself on a GPS map and walk freely in and out of sound fields.



Nambour Heritage Soundtrail

Address: Nambour


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