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22 & 23 October 2022

Palmwoods Heritage Tour

Walking Tour

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Palmwoods boasts many architectural reminders of days gone by on the Sunshine Coast. Land selection began in Palmwoods in the 1870s as a fruit-growing region. With the arrival of the railway line in 1891, the population boomed, and the town was named Palmwoods. The town significantly improved in the 1910s with the construction of a general store, hotel and ES&A bank, among other buildings. Many of these early buildings remain with minimal development in between, making Palmwoods an important character town. Palmwoods is highly regarded for its various eating and drinking establishments that operate from many of the cultural and heritage significant buildings. They exude character in their architectural design and features. This guided walk explores Palmwoods with a focus on character and heritage buildings located in the town’s central business district. The walk is packed with historical information and anecdotes about the town’s history.

Palmwoods Heritage Tour

Address: Meet at Piccabeen Green, Little Main Street, Palmwoods  


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