Sunshine Coast Open House is the region’s largest public architecture and design festival with behind-the-scenes tours and special experiences.
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22 & 23 October 2022

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Message from the Governor

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The Sunshine Coast Open House, now in its fourth year is an important community initiative that has built from the long term success of the Brisbane Open House event. In this time of Covid it is important for events like this to maintain their profile and showcase the remarkable architectural richness to be found on the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. Pride of place and in place is evident in so many purpose built projects on the Sunshine Coast – projects that will not date and which set standards for all work that follows  The unique landscape and architectural expression of the Sunshine Coast draw inspiration from the natural settings of great beauty found throughout the region. Programs like Open House celebrate these achievements and share these splendid architectural successes with the widest possible audience. The generosity of the event participants is a important aspect of Open House in allowing the community at large to inspect projects that contribute to the sense of place unique to the region. 

Often the success of a place is hard to put into words and there is no better way to understand success than to experience it first hand on site. Please join the family of Open House supporters and participate in the event on the Sunshine Coast Open House weekend. 

Malcolm Middleton OAM

Sunshine Coast Open House 2021 Ambassador



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