Archicology Architects grappled with the 30 year old timber building, a difficult site and skewed orientation, but ultimately this residence is unique, it is playful and it works. The building itself was completely refurbished and reconfigured to ensure its orientation works. One side has fabulous views of the ocean and jungle below, but is entirely exposed, while the other side takes advantage of the Northern sun and acts as a retreat and fun park. The clients have travelled extensively throughout the Pacific Islands and the home enjoys a South Sea Islander aesthetic. The fit out is entirely nconventional, from the bamboo wall linings, to the lava stone sinks, to the red stone and red kitchen sink and the canoe feature lighting. There are astute features and wooden carvings throughout with many incorporating the actual structure of the building. The pool area nestles between the house and the steep slope and is a world unto itself. There are walking pods over a shallow pool which cleverly conceal a hidden balance tank underneath. It is all fabulously lit at night. This residence is a testament to meeting the specific desires of a client’s fantasy holiday destination and the constraints of a difficult site. Every day certainly is a holiday escape in this little wonderland.