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22 & 23 October 2022

22. Stella Maris Catholic Church, Maroochydore

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The Stella Maris Catholic Church, Maroochydore had its beginnings in a collaborative master plan process. The objective was to explore future possibilities for the parish’s land and its former church in central Maroochydore. Deicke Richards worked initially with Maroochydore Catholic parish and later with both the parish and St Vincent’s Care Services. The result is an innovative care community which brings together the new church and aged care and wellness facilities.

The design of the church responds expressively to its subtropical coastal location, with the interior skirted by generous and deeply shaded space. Marble and brass sanctuary items are set against an interior palette of polished concrete, ply and timber. The interior’s furniture, lighting, screens and sanctuary items were designed by Deicke Richards. The design team worked with artisans and artists who created the hand painted icons and refurbished Stations of the Cross, locally produced pews (using reclaimed timber from the former church pews) and the cross (carved from a mango tree grown on the site). The sanctuary items were cut from Italian marble and finished by locally based stonemasons.

Pews: Page Furnishers
Stations of the Cross and icons: Lucy & Ziggy Pawlikowski
Stonemasons: Mar Gra Pty Ltd

22. Stella Maris Catholic Church, Maroochydore

Address: 2–10 Church Street, Maroochydore


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