Pomona Railway Station opened in 1891 with completion of the line from Cooran to Cooroy. The station closed 100 years later in 1991. Its disused buildings fell into dilapidation and their future seemed uncertain. In 1997 the Pomona Chamber of Commerce asked Queensland Rail to donate the buildings to the community. Queensland Rail agreed on the proviso the buildings were moved. Following negotiation with Council and the efforts of many volunteers, the buildings were moved to Council land in April 2000. The Federation funded Pomona Railway Station Gallery opened in March 2001, and the Pomona Visitors Information Centre opened at the gallery in late 2003. Since opening, the gallery has grown to offer several unique spaces for artists and craftspeople, as well as facilitate creative workshops and events. The gallery consists of several buildings of historical value including an Information Room, Signal Room, Station Master Room, Banana Shed, Carriage Exhibition Room and Blacksmith Shed for resident artists. The gallery is a community run space, staffed entirely by volunteers.