Amazing “Grace” has transformed a derelict long-unloved contaminated site and given a new lease of life to an old seaside industrial estate by brightly showcasing the best in Sustainable Cleantech Design and Manufacturing. Latronic Sunpower supported a holistic philosophy for the building, and desired to make a “cradle to cradle” building that was recyclable, flexible, fixable and would fit with their 300 year business plan. The building owners also wanted a joyful, thoughtful  building that did not require air-conditioning and would respond to all weathers and seasons. Grace is an energy-positive building in three parts, linked by a rooftop “solar pergola” that spans the rooftop and carries enough solar PV to power the facility, with energy to spare for electric vehicle charging and battery back-up for when power goes down. The building is designed to respond and mitigate climate changes over seasons and for years into the future. Sliding perforated metal screens can be pulled across louvre windows to protect from sun, wind and rain. Horizontal and vertical window shades are made of metal and solar PV panels. It is a 4 hour fire-rated manufacturing facility with covered and food-producing rooftop gardens and staff areas for daily use and functions. It is a place to work, live and play! It is, by owner’s choice, the first building in the area to have an underground stormwater connection to prevent freshly harvested and bio-filtered water travelling over road surfaces and heading straight to the nearby creek and sea via kerb and channel.