The Sunshine Beach House is a contemporary home inspired by the sun, surf, sand and waves. The house has been designed for a young family of surfers with an active beach lifestyle. The ground floor kitchen and living areas open onto the garden and pool. The family can move seamlessly from house to garden, pool to beach, and back again.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the more private upper level. A refined material palette of local hardwood and white sand cement reflect the character of the local beach environment and coastal landscape. On a practical level, the materials employed are robust in nature, to withstand sand, salt and water coming off the ocean and little feet. Contemporary interpretations of the traditional Queenslander metal window hoods and hardwood screens have been used to provide protection from the hot sun and summer rains. Our architecture practice is enamoured with the beauty of the beach and ocean. The delightful balance of repetition and variation found in the waves and sand dunes are echoed in the design of the house.