The Cubby located at Queensland's Sunshine Coast beach side suburb of Alexandra Headland is a traditional 1970s beach shack reborn. The original beachside bachelor pad consisted of a single pavilion set back from the street on a generous leafy beachside property offering ocean views if the Cubby extended skyward. When the property owner met his new love, it was time to give the much loved beach side bachelor pad a facelift and create a design outcome to suit both parties in particular the new woman in his life. A woman's touch was struck upon The Cubby. The Cubby was reborn! The design exercise was to give the building a much-needed face lift while being sensitive to The Cubby of the past. A sloping block, the design exercise was to bridge the original Cubby pavilion with a new pavilion addition on the high side of the property via a two-storey open breezeway connecting both pavilions, creating a common break out/circulation space. The original Cubby pavilion was extruded vertically, creating a second storey master suite and secondary living space taking advantage of the distant ocean, Old Woman Island views. The result is a new age Cubby consisting of a series of pavilions offering an airy living experience connected via a common breezeway. Long live The Cubby!