Helia House is an alteration and addition to an inward facing brick bungalow, typical of its era. The core goal of the intervention was to take the positives of the bungalow typology including simplicity, timelessness and practicality and expose it to the whole site, extending living areas with a relaxed and generous style. New, permeable edges now embrace outdoor living and connect with spectacular views. Helia House additions respect the simplicity and form of the existing home and in doing so, achieve the feeling of one seamless build, blurring the lines between old and new. The design was inspired by the intent, materials and quality of the original dwelling. High ceilings, large windows and volume to the outdoor living zone were prioritised over any decorative item. Successful addition of spaces not present within the existing dwelling as well as an improved connection of the interior to the external environment have made for a highly functional easy living beach home. A consistent yet restrained application of the core concepts by all disciplines is evident in the completed project. The considered and refined palette of materials that extend from outside to within embody an elegant and timeless coastal feel.